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Get paid for your free app!

UP TO 0.2$ per user's value!

Earn from $0.05 to $0.1 per install

Various in-app reward scenarios to entertain users and get ad revenue.
If you have other demands (change of theme, integration method …), contact us. We are willing to support you further.
“Lucky user”
Reward your users occasionally by game items if they try using ads apps. A random gift is always interesting
“Voucher exchange”
Give your users real world vouchers when they experience ads app
Allow user donate your free app by trying ad apps without payment
“Unblock game”
Users may stop playing game if they are impossible to pass certain level and never buy game helper items. However, they will probably use reward ads because it is completely free
“Premium features"
Many users don't (or can't) pay for your very nice premium features? Let them try in-app reward ads as an free alternative
“Offerwall mining"
Let the offerwall be always available for users to increase their virtual values in your game context
SDK integration is as easy as writing Hello World

Why should you join CPI ad networks?

If you own an app, you probably want to know how to monetize and earn revenue from it. Joining a CPI ad networks will help you as a developer to achieve your objective. CPI ad networks like Inad help connect advertisers and publishers to achieve maximum synergy between the two. For advertisers, it is about finding the most effective ad space, increasing downloads in app stores and the number of active users. For publishers, it is app monetization.

For every install the app receives, advertisers will pay us $0.1 and we will share the profits with our publishers. Our experts at Inad estimate that you can gain a revenue from $0.05 to $0.1 for every install if you join our network.

Why should you join Inad publishers’ network?

1. We allow our publishers to use incentives for ads.

Incentivized ads usually receive a higher click-through-rate compared to non-incentivized ads, with the former receiving about 5-7% CTR and the latter 1-2%. We know that as a publisher, you not only want to monetize your app but also enhance every user’ experience. Therefore, we have different scenarios to help you earn revenue but also entertain your users with attractive and interesting offers.

2. Maximize revenue

An app to place ad

Joining our ad networks, publishers like you can earn from $0.05 to $0.1 for every install.

3. Attractive benefits

We will offer you $25 when your ad display has reached 100 installs.

What do you need to monetize app?

After an ad is generated by advertisers, we will match the ad according to the location, age, and sex of the target audience which were defined by advertisers to your app.

What you need:

  1. Register an account on our website:
  2. Click on Monetize on the left panel, then click on "Add New" Button
  3. Add your application by clicking "Add New" Button
  4. Config your ads. Click "Add New" Button to finish this step
  5. You will receive an UniqueCode from the app item in list. The UniqueCode will be used to integrate with sdk
  6. Integration: read and follow step-by-step guide:
  7. Done. Check Report. A report will be generated if you have successfully completed all the steps until now.
  8. Republish app on app stores. Users install apps and start earning revenue

After you follow all these steps, you can start earning money for your app and receive all the benefits that our system can offer. So join our ad networks and start monetizing your app from now!

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