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What are the advantages of CPI ad networks?

With CPI ad networks, advertisers like you will only pay us only when you receive an install or download of your apps. This model offers low-risk because you only pay us when you desired outcome occurs.

Compared to other payment models like CPA, CPC or CPM, cost-per-install ad networks have been recognized by many advertisers as the most effective method to promote mobile app to users because it drives real downloads to their apps and provides them with active users.

Why do you need app installs?

If you just publish a new app into app stores, you need app installs. A high number of app installs will help you to convince potential users that your app has good quality and is worthy to be downloaded. Many users will look at the number of downloads your app receives to judge the quality of the content, even if they haven’t used it.

A high number of installs is also definitely important if you want to improve your app ranking in app stores. There are cases of developers who understand the theory behind app store optimization but failed to push their app ranking to the top? Why? Because app store optimization does not only rely on keywords, or descriptions, but also on the number of app downloads.

The higher the number of downloads your app receives, the easier it is for you to push your app to the top.

That’s why at Inad, we advise our customers to buy app installs as well as our app store optimization package to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Why should you use our CPI ad networks?

  1. Provide up to 50,000 reputable installs for every app
  2. Cheapest cost-per-install in the market at the bidding price of $0.1/install
  3. Installs come from 100% real users
  4. We do both android app marketing and iOS app marketing. You can buy Android installs as well as iOS installs with our system.
  5. You won't have a hard time figuring out how to track your campaign with our systems (trust us, that’s annoying). Detailed and easy - to - use tracking system.
  6. Committed to deliver a great service to all customers. If you are not satisfied, we are always willing to improve our service for you.