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Why do you need app store optimization?

According to research, most users don’t look further than 20 apps when they search for a keyword in app stores. So what does this mean if you app is not in the top 20?

All the apps in the top will take all of your glory, in terms of traffic and app revenue. It doesn’t matter how great your app is, if you cannot get your app to the top, users won’t see your app and not download it.

A better app store optimization strategy means higher ranking in app stores, more visibility and finally more app installs, traffic and revenue.

It’s true that most developers know the theory behind the ASO strategy. But the truth is only a few succeed to get their apps to the top.

To optimize app successfully requires a bit of experience and a deeper understanding of how ASO works.

Besides choosing the right app store optimization keywords, having an optimized title, beautiful and gorgeous icon and screenshots, your app needs a significant boost of downloads, ratings and reviews to rank higher in app stores. The larger the number of downloads, and positive rating and reviews your app gets, the easier it is for you to push your app to the top of app stores.

That’s why we advise you to buy our app installs, alongside with the app store optimization package to maximize the effectiveness of ASO and help your app to improve ranking faster.

What does our ASO package include?

  1. Research and analyze: Use intelligent systems to find the most valuable ASO keywords, evaluate their value and level of difficulty. Based on this analysis, we propose a new game changer ASO strategy to you.
  2. Execute: Run rank climbing campaigns to cleverly gain the best ranking for your keywords
  3. Maintain: Keep an eye on market trend, propose new and trendy keywords, adjust current keywords according to trend, and maintain keywords rank.

Why should you choose our app store optimization service?

  1. Effective 3-step package: analyze – optimize – maintain keywords ranking.
  2. Cost-effective prices. However, please notice that there will be a different price for every keyword that you want to optimize for, depending on the level of difficulty and competition level.
  3. We practice what we preach and have been successful. We have helped many developers to improve their app rankings and earn a lot more visibility in app stores.
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