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We help advertisers promote Android and iOS apps by CPI ad networks and app store optimization.

The number of app installs reflect the quality of your app, and is a very important factor to help you optimize app successfully in app stores. An impressive number of app installs will help your app to stand out among countless apps and will create an initial good impression to users. To get this number of installs, you can’t just sit and wait. Magic doesn’t happen in app stores. Success requires a combination of quality (of course), techniques and experience. Our CPI ad networks will give you more traffic and a great boost of app downloads.

Every developer knows the importance of app store optimization. You have put a lot of efforts to create an outstanding app, but what good is it if users don’t see it? Will you be able to monetize your app and earn downloads? You may know the theory behind app store optimization, but you may not have all the tools and experiences which are needed to improve app ranking.

Now, we provide an ASO package to help you earn more visibility, traffic and downloads in app store. We have helped developers to optimize mobile apps and improved their apps rankings on Google Play Store. Our technique has proven to be effective and our experts will do ASO for you and help you to improve your app ranking.


If you are reading this part, we figure out that you probably want to know who we are and what we stand for. We are a team of 12 people working in a small office in Vietnam.

We ventured out into this business a few years ago. Truthfully speaking, when we started out, we had had failures but we did not give up on our dream. That’s how you came to see this website today.

For years, we have had the chance of working with people from all over the world. We did our job and learnt constantly at the same time (and still do). We want to embrace more business opportunities and expand the field of our work by working with more app advertisers, developers, and companies specialising in developing mobile games from all over the world.