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  • We are a company that provides CPI Ad network and ASO service to advertisers.
    We help you to increase your Android and iOS App Installs and earn more active users for your app.
    We provide great ASO package which will accelerate your app ranking in Google Play Store.
  • We are perfect for advertisers who want up to 50,000 installs for their apps.
    Our app trial network will help you directly touch your users at a cost-effective price.
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ASO - Let users find your app, NOT your competitors

Let us analyze your app and competitors, choose the most effective keywords & run campaigns to improve your keyword rank.

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Good price

Our optimal system allows us to run install campaigns at a cost-effective price.

app marketing

Small to medium campaigns

We run small (e.g. Testing) to medium campaigns of up to 50,000 installs for every app for advertisers.

app store optimization

Super supportive team

We are committed to deliver a great service to our customers. If you are not satisfied, you can contact us (email, Skype) and we will improve the service for you.

About Inad

We know developers like you invest a lot of time to develop a good app. But without an effective marketing strategy, your apps won’t acquire the number of users that you desire. If you have ever tried to promote a mobile app yourself, you have probably realized this is no simple task? Why? Practicing is never as easy as theory. You may have even tried many methods of app marketing but they didn’t bring you the results you wanted.

We think that the existence of a mobile app is the proof of someone’s hard work and creativity. If you have a good app, you deserve to receive more installs and recognition.

If we were to sum up what we do, we would say we help developers to promote their apps to users by CPI Ad network and app store optimization.

We assume that not everyone who stumbles upon this website knows exactly what a CPI Ad network and app store optimization are. You may have come here with only a slight interest, being curious about what we have to offer.

Why to choose us

Why should you choose us?

Cheapest CPI in the market: bidding price of $0.1/Install

What is CPI Ad network?

In simple terms, it is an advertisement distribution network for your mobile app. Let’s say you have an app and want to increase the number of app installs. We will use our CPI (cost per install) network to distribute your app advertisements (advertisers) to developers who have a space in their apps to place your ad (publishers).

Your ad will be seen by users and with publishers’ incentives, users will click on the ad and install your app. With new apps, a decent number of installs will help you to convince your future users that your app is good, and worthy to be installed.

What is app store optimization?

App store optimization is like SEO in app stores. It is a mechanics that help apps to improve visibility and rank higher in app stores for the keywords that you want to optimize for.

Why optimize app?

App store optimization is a very, very efficient method of mobile app marketing and mobile game marketing because it has proven to bring GREAT results.

If you think about it, very few people actually see apps that are outside of top 20 in app stores (cause who scrolls down that far really?). If your app is not in the top 20, it will have very little chance of being noticed and installed. On the other hand, the ones in the top will take all your glory.

Why should you choose our app store optimization service?

  1. Effective 3-step package: analyze – optimize – maintain keyword rankings.

  2. Cost-effective prices. However, please notice that there will be a different price for every keyword that you want to optimize for, depending on the level of difficulty and competition level.

  3. We practice what we preach and have been successful. We have helped many developers to improve their app rankings and earn a lot more visibility in app stores.

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